Dropshipping for eBay & Amazon and other selling plat

Understanding Dropshipping for eBay and Amazon

Dropshipping is selling something you don't own. That may sound illegal –but it’s not.

Dropshippers are companies that offer merchandise for sale that will ship the merchandise directly to your customer once you pay for it. Here is how dropshipping works:

1.You find the products at taobao.com ,1688.com or other chinese whosale website. You list their merchandise on eBay, Amazon or your website for sale without first purchasing it.
2.When the item sells, you collect the selling price (retail) and the shipping cost from your customer.
3.Then you purechase the goods at cssbuy.com ,and cssbuy will help you ship the goods to your customer directly
4.You will have an half of years free storage at cssbuy

Advantages of Dropshipping for eBay and Amazon

1.No up front investment in products - When you sell dropshipped products, you don’t pay for merchandise until it sells. This eliminates tying up money in inventory.
2.Eliminates risk – If something doesn’t sell, your only risk is the listing fees

3.Product depth and variety – When you buy products to resell, you are limited in the number and type of products you can sell by the amount of cash or credit you have to purchase. When you dropship, you can list many more products for sale


Advantages of cssbuy

1.We will give the service fee discount (only 2% service fee) if you are an reseller, but you need send us your store to check

2.If you use our dropshipping service over 50 parcels ,you can get 5% shipping fee discount

3.Cssbuy supply 6 x 12 service time, we can quickly ship out your goods...

4.We have lots of shipping methods that you can choose what you need..


If  you have any other questions ,please contact us online.