Integration rule

        Once you have confirmed receipt, the corresponding integral will really added to your account.
        How to get points
        1. You will be given 200 points upon signing up with Cssbuy.
        2. You spend $1 on Cssbuy website, you will earn 1 point. (points will be added to your account only after you have confirmed that you have received your order)
        3. Participate in the activity on the site: Cssbuy network will hold integral activities Irregularly , members can participate in activities to gain points.

        How to use points
        1. Coupons can be obtained by redeeming your points.
           ·100 points can be redeemed for $1 worth coupon
           ·4 Coupon value: $5/$10/$20/$50.
           Members can only redeem coupons worth $5; Gold members can redeem coupons worth $5/$10;Platinum members can redeem coupons worth $5/$10/$20;Diamond members can redeem coupons arbitrarily.
           ·Coupons are only valid for 30 days.
           ·Coupons can only be used once for one delivery order.
        2. Coupons can be used to offset our service fee.
           ·For an ordinary member, if the delivery address is in China, you need to consume certain points, the consumption of the integral value is equal to the total price of purchasing goods; Once confirmed, the points will be returned to the integral account.
           ·The VIP membership can enjoy the service without any point.

        Integral rules:
        1. The integral can be used in the next time.
        2. Only the commodity price can be exchanged for integrals.
        3. Points can not be redeemed for cash, coupons only.
        4. Points are non-transferable.