How Should I get the Points?

How to get points
        1. You will be given 200 points upon signing up with Cssbuy.
        2. You spend $1 on Cssbuy website, you will earn 1 point. (points will be added to your account only after you have confirmed that you have received your order)
        3. Adoption of the ID card authentication can get 200 points(only once): send the photos of related documents to our customer service e-mailbox: [email protected]. After verification, you will get 200 points; Through the payment card authentication you can get 200 points(only once); Through both of them, you can get 300 points.
        4. select the remittance recharge not online: remitting 1 yuan, you earn1 points.
        5. Participate in the activity on the site: Cssbuy network will hold integral activities irregularly , members can participate in activities to gain points.
        6. Group purchase:
        The leader can get the points corresponding to the first level discount of the succeful group purchase.
        For example:
        1) The first level is a special discount of 10 percent with the full 500 yuan, the second level is a special discount of 20 percent with the full 1000 yuan, the leader can get 500 points with the succeful group purchase.
        2) If we regard the pieces as the standard, the pieces multiplied by the prices of goods are the points the leader will be awarded.
        1. Points can not be redeemed for cash, coupons only.
        2. Points are non-transferable.