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Forwarding From China

Purchase items yourself, then send these to our Hangzhou Warehouse, where we will help to collect these items and ship them effectively.

Our Services

What We Offer For You

Package Consolidation

Package consolidation service can save you international shipping. If you have multiple packages at warehouse, we can combine all the separate packages into a larger one.

QC Checking

We have a QC service, we can take pictures of the items, if they have a problem, we can help you return them back to seller, so no worries about buying faulty products

Cut Lable

If you want to cut lable or throw away the invioces, you can leave a note for us and we will help you deal with it. It will help you with the customs

Vacuum Packaging

Express delivery calculates volume weight, we offer vaccume packaging to reduce the voulme weight, if your parcel has many clothes, it can save a lot in shipping

Reinforced Packaging

If you have fragile items in the package, please tell us, we will package them with bubble film, it protects the goods from damage to some extent

90 Free Storage

CSSBuy provides customers with free storage of their packages at warehouse for up to 90 days. You can arrange your package shipping time according to your own schedule